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Here you can calculate online ADLER32 hashes for your strings. Put your string into form below and press "Calculate ADLER32 hash". As a result you will get ADLER32 hash of your string. If you need another hash calculators, for example: CRC32B, MD5, RIPEMD256 or SHA256 you can find it into appropriate section.

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About ADLER32 hash algorithm

Adler-32 is a checksum algorithm which was invented by Mark Adler in 1995, and is a modification of the Fletcher checksum. Compared to a cyclic redundancy check of the same length, it trades reliability for speed (preferring the latter). Adler-32 is more reliable than Fletcher-16, and slightly less reliable than Fletcher-32

Adler-32 is weak for short messages because the sum A does not wrap. The maximum sum of a 128-byte message is 32640, which is below the value 65521 used by the modulo operation, meaning that roughly half of the output space is unused, and the distribution within the used part is nonuniform. An extended explanation can be found in RFC 3309, which mandates the use of CRC32C instead of Adler-32 for SCTP, the Stream Control Transmission Protocol. Adler-32 has also been shown to be weak for small incremental changes, and also weak for strings generated from a common prefix and consecutive numbers (like auto-generated label names by typical code generators).

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