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Here you can calculate online HAVAL160,4 hashes for your strings. Put your string into form below and press "Calculate HAVAL160,4 hash". As a result you will get HAVAL160,4 hash of your string. If you need another hash calculators, for example: HAVAL128-4, SHA224, SHA512 or TIGER160-4 you can find it into appropriate section.

HAVAL160,4 hash for admin123 string


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About HAVAL hash algorithms

HAVAL is a cryptographic hash function. Unlike MD5, but like most modern cryptographic hash functions, HAVAL can produce hashes of different lengths - 128 bits, 160 bits, 192 bits, 224 bits, and 256 bits. HAVAL also allows users to specify the number of rounds ( 3, 4, or 5) to be used to generate the hash. HAVAL was broken in 2004.

HAVAL was invented by Yuliang Zheng, Josef Pieprzyk, and Jennifer Seberry in 1992.

Research has uncovered weaknesses which make further use of HAVAL (at least the variant with 128 bits and 3 passes with 26 operations) questionable. On 17 August 2004, collisions for HAVAL (128 bits, 3 passes) were announced by Xiaoyun Wang, Dengguo Feng, Xuejia Lai, and Hongbo Yu.

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You've visit right place if you want to calculate HAVAL160,4 hashes. Put string or even text into String to encode field above and press "Calculate HAVAL160,4 hash". You will get HAVAL160,4 hash of your string in seconds. You can also copy this hash right to your clipboard using the appropriate button.

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