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Here you can calculate online SNEFRU hashes for your strings. Put your string into form below and press "Calculate SNEFRU hash". As a result you will get SNEFRU hash of your string. If you need another hash calculators, for example: FNV132, FNV1A64, SHA1 or SHA512-224 you can find it into appropriate section.

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About Snefru hash algorithms

Snefru is a cryptographic hash function invented by Ralph Merkle in 1990 while working at Xerox PARC. The function supports 128-bit and 256-bit output. It was named after the Egyptian Pharaoh Sneferu, continuing the tradition of the Khufu and Khafre block ciphers.

The original design of Snefru was shown to be insecure by Eli Biham and Adi Shamir who were able to use differential cryptanalysis to find hash collisions. The design was then modified by increasing the number of iterations of the main pass of the algorithm from two to eight. Although differential cryptanalysis can break the revised version with less complexity than brute force search (a certificational weakness), the attack requires 288.5 operations and is thus not currently feasible in practice.

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